Matura Exam in Bulgaria

The Matura exam (In Bulgarian: Държавен Зрелостен Изпит, or ДЗИ (DZI), матура) is a school-leaving examination. Students at the end of secondary education are required to undertake matriculation exam in order to apply for higher education in Bulgaria. It is mandatory to sit for Matura exam in order to obtain a high school diploma/secondary education diploma.  In Bulgaria, Matura was first conducted in 1878. 


Matura exam consist of two exams- 

First is the Bulgarian language and literature which is compulsory

Second exam is chosen by the student from the following subjects: History and civilization, economy and geography, German, astronomy and physics, French, philosophy, Italian, environmental protection and chemistry, health education and biology, Russian, Spanish language, mathematics, and English.
To know the curriculum, click here.

Dates and Deadlines

Matura exam is conducted two times in a year-
  • May to June
  • August to September
To know the exact dates go to weblink

Applying Ways and Means

Students who want to undertake matriculation exam should file an application to the school director. Fill in the subjects you want to undertake for examinations.


 Score  Description (In English)  Description (In Bulgarian) Points 
 2  Weak  Слаб 2   22,5 т. вкл.
 3.00-3.49  Medium  Среден 3   23 т. – 40,5 т. вкл.
 3.50-4.49  Good  Добър 4   41 т. – 58,5 т. вкл.
 4.50-5.49  Very Good  Много добър   59 т. – 76,5 т. вкл.
 5.50-5.99  Excellent  Отличен  77 т. – 94,5 т. вкл.
 6  Excellent  Отличен 6  95 т. – 100 т.


To check the results of the State matriculation exam go to website

To know more about the Matura exam in Bulgaria, visit the official website of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria (
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